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Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Design Experts in Hockley

Swimming Pools

Creating swimming pools that meet our clients' unique requirements takes an element of skill, and is something that the team at Pleasure Pools Ltd have got down to a fine art over the years. From basic pools to extravagant designs, we're able to offer a variety of solutions that are tailored to your budget. Here is a selection of some of our recent projects.

Clean Swimming Pool with garden furniture.
Swimming pool water being drained with swimming pool cover
swimming pool with tiled dolphins
Swimming pool filled with water
Swimming pool with cover
Water being added to big pool
Browning paving with plants
Outside swimming pool with slide
Pool with hot tub and garden furniture
Garden with Swimming Pool
Clean Swimming Pool
Clean pool
Garden with pool covering
Steps to the pool
Cleaned Pool with pool cover
Pool water being refilled
Pool getting refilled with slide
Decking with Pool
Fresh water being added to the swimming pool
Small swimming pool with covering
Half filled swimming pool
Pool with Ratten Garden Furniture
water being added to swimming pool
Brown Paving

Consult the Swimming Pool Design Experts, Pleasure Pools, in Hockley

Pleasure Pools,

Hockley Market Garden Center,
Gate 3, Lower Rd,

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